Amateur & Pro

Whether you are an Olympian or an age-group Ironman competitor, the Berkeley Fit® platform enables you to optimize your daily intake of functional foods to reduce your recovery times and maximize your performance on race day.


Whether you are a consumer that is following a diet such as the DASH, Mediterranean or brain health MIND diets, or otherwise recognize the role that diet plays in disease prevention and overall health and wellness, then the Berkeley Fit® platform is for you.

Coaches, Doctors &

If you are a medical professional that understands the role that nutrition plays in weight and sugar control, cardiovascular fitness and brain health, the Berkeley Fit® platform helps you monitor the dietary compliance of your patients and clients.

Functional Food

If you are a functional food, beverage or supplement manufacturer, the Berkeley Fit® platform helps connect you with your customers. Berkeley Fit® will help you better understand how your customers are using your products and how to optimize your products across real world conditions.

The Berkeley Fit® Platform

Self-Testing Solutions

Our current platform provides solutions that enable consumer self-testing of Nitric Oxide, Uric Acid, and Memory. Each of these testing solutions provide consumers with instant feedback on how well their functional foods, beverages and supplements are being metabolized.

Real-Time Recording for Smartphones

In this age of the ‘quantified self’, the modern consumer is measuring everything with smartwatches, apps, and devices. Each of our testing solutions is anchored by market-leading smartphone apps for the Android and iOS platforms.

Partner Integrations

Because we understand the impact that nutrition has upon sleep and blood pressure, we have integrated with blood pressure, fitness, weight, and sleep monitoring devices from Nokia (Withings), Omron, Fitbit and Jawbone.

Powerful Data Analytics

By comparing testing results with functional food, beverages, and supplement intake, consumers can determine which foods work best for their individual situation.

Berkeley Fit Testing Solutions

A Growing Portfolio


Nitric Oxide Testing

Are you getting an adequate plant-based diet?

If so, is your body effectively converting these nitrate-rich leafy greens to nitric oxide, a vital metabolite that increases blood flow?

Using Berkeley Fit Nitric Oxide Test with saliva Nitric Oxide Test Strips from MyFitStrip can validate potency of nitrate rich foods and supplements.


Uric Acid Testing

Is your body making too much uric acid in response to foods rich in sugar and purine?

Elevated saliva uric acid is emerging as an early biomarker of a poor diet and lack of hydration. Excessive and chronic consumption of sugary foods and beverages have been known to contribute to uric acid levels.

Using the Uric Acid Test app with saliva Uric Acid Test Strips from Berkeley Fit can identify foods to avoid and those that help clear uric acid from the body.


Mental Acuity

Do plant based diets improve short term memory and mental acuity?

MIND and DASH diets have been widely recognised for their role in overall cardiovascular health, weight management, and mental acuity.

Use the Daily Brain app (available on iOS and Android) by Berkeley Fit in conjunction with one of the above diets or with a functional bioactive can help maintain normal age associated brain health.

How it Works

Eat. Test. Adapt.


State of the Art Smartphone Apps


Test Recording

Whether you are scanning a saliva test strip, or taking a mental acuity test, Berkeley Fit enables users to capture test results as they are generated.


Get convenient reminders, whether its been a while since your last test, or if its time for a serving of your favorite functional food or supplement.

Fully Connected

Connected via the powerful Berkeley Fit API, the app saves your latest recording to your personal archive where you can access your history, and analyze which products work best for you.

Log Functional Food and Supplement Intake

Each Berkeley Fit App allows consumers to record intake of relevant functional foods.

Big Data Analytics

Powerful Visualization and Analysis Tools

Product Performance

Consumers can discover which foods have the greatest impact upon on our supported biomarkers. Nutritionists and medical professions can see which functional foods perform best across the broader population.

Powerful Product Comparisons

Get access to live, data-driven head-to-head comparisons between functional foods and supplements. Find out which ones’ work and which ones don't base on live customer data.


Blood Pressure Impact

Nutritional professionals can assess the impact that their dietary approaches are having upon their client's blood pressure.

Client Insights

For the first time, nutritionists can get a real-time view of the impact of theier their clients dietary compliance.

Our Connected Health Partners

Integrated with Leading Connected Health Devices

Blood Pressure Monitors

Through our integrations with Omron, Withings and iHealth, consumers can fully understand the impact that their nitric oxide levels has upon their blood pressure.

Activity Tracking

Through our integrations with Fitbit, Withings, and Jawbone our customers can now track the impact that exercise has upon their their nitric oxide economy.

Sleep Monitors

Through our integrations with sleep tracking wearables from Withings, Fitbit, and Jawbone, Berkeley Fit customers can now measure the impact that their nitric oxide levels have upon their sleep health.

Salivary Test Strips

The Berkeley Fit® platform currently supports test strip solutions from a variety of vendors.


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