Berkeley Fit Blog

2020-03-01 12:39:00

Affordable nitric oxide saliva test strips help you stay with your cardiovascular healthy diet

Berkeley Fit’s dietary approach to restoring nitric oxide is based on plant-based bioequivalence with dietary inorganic nitrate.  Such a formula represents a valuable, safe and effective intervention to provide a sustained improvement in vascular health.

In our desire to stay healthy, two important questions to restore and sustain your nitric oxide levels are considered:

  • Do your foods have the important ingredients to keep you healthy?
  • Is your body 'bio-converting' these foods to achieve the desired effect?

Each of us is different and the demand nitric oxide can vary significantly based on our biology and lifestyle.  Nitric oxide levels rise and fall throughout the day.  Our challenge is to maintain a steady, yet elevated state.

To maintain this elevated state, we need to be able to easily test our nitric oxide status levels so that we can make immediate and real-time dietary adjustment.  Berkeley Fit provides an easy-to-use self-administered saliva test for consumers to monitor nitric oxide levels.  Nitric Oxide Saliva Test Strips by Berkeley Fit® are a an affordable and easy-to-use personal saliva test kit that enables dietary management of nitric oxide nutrition.

Just place the strip on your tongue to collect saliva. Fold the strip in half. Within 10-seconds, the strip will change color reflecting the nitric oxide levels in your system.