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2019-03-08 19:02:33

Fructose consumption is one of the culprits for a rise in inflammatory uric acid, however, ...

Normal serum uric acid are between 3 and 6 mg/dL (180 and 380 umol/L) albeit target ranges vary between gender and age.   Ideally, the target range to maintain for children, women and men is the the level below the upper limit of normal which, at present, is reported to be <5.5, ,6.0, and ,<7.0 mg/dL (<330, <360, <415 umol/L), respectively.  Unfortunately, 1 out of 5 adults have elevated uric acid or hyperuricemia which are levels above the normal limits reported.

Western diet, cellular breakdown in the body, and reduced urine clearance from the kidney are the common cause for elevated serum uric acid.  Western diets and cellular breakdown are a source of purines which is metabolized to form uric acid.  

In the case of Western diets, fatty red meats, seafood, alcohol and fructose, especially, HFCS, in sweets and beverages are known to increase uric acid.  Interestingly, fructose is the only sugar which raises uric acid and hypertension