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2019-03-08 10:59:00

An early marker for obesity and cardio-metabolic problems especially in hypertensive children

Uric acid is now being considered an early marker for obesity that may contribute to the cardiometabolic health problems associated with diabetes and hypertension especially among our youth.

Elevated uric acid of >5.5 mg/dL (>330 umol/L) is observed in nearly 90% of the hypertensive pediatric patients.  In a small clinical study of 30 obese children, the uric acid lowering drug normalized bl ood pressure in nearly 70% of the patients within a month.  In a study of 60 obese children that recieved uric acid lowering drugsfor 7 weeks, blood pressure was lowered by 10 mmHg.  

Nonetheless, the available clinical observations as to the link between obseity and hypertensive among adolescent and young adults is suggestive that monitoring and maintaining uric acid levels below 5.5 mg/dL or 330 umol/L.