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2020-03-01 12:36:00

How do I track my nitric oxide wellness

Track your overall nitric oxide wellness by logging your nitric oxide foods and recording your nitric oxide testing with the Nitric Oxide Test app by Berkeley Fit (available for Apple and Android smartphones.)

Test first thing in the morning

As we age, our natural production of nitric oxide declines. It is usually lowest in the morning, but may rise during the day as we eat nitric oxide rich foods.

This first test of the day is the most important measurement. Don't forget to record your nitric oxide test strip level using the Berkeley Fit's Nitric Oxide Test app.

Test before brushing your teeth or eating or drinking anything.

Boost your Nitric Oxide levels with your first meal

Following your first test, start off your day with a nitric oxide-rich food, such as spinach+beetroot powder smoothie or a tasty 2oz Beet Performance Shot from Red Ace Organics. Get 25% OFF at by using the coupon, BERKFIT1.

Be sure to log your Red Ace shot in the Berkeley Fit Nitric Oxide Test app under Record Meal.

Or choose from a list of over 10 whole foods rich in nitric oxide.For a list of these foods as well as supplements, please consult the Nitric Oxide Nutrition section under Settings in your Nitric Oxide Test app.

Test again

Test and record your nitric oxide levels again 2-4 hours after consuming your nitric oxide rich meal.

It usually takes your body about an 1-2 hours to turn nitrate-rich foods into nitric oxide.


Assess the impact of your nitric oxide rich meal by measuring how much your levels have increased since your first of the day.

Depending on the nitric oxide levels you are seeking, you may be ready for another nitric oxide rich meal.